21 SEP

An untapped source of microbial secondary metabolites

CeMiSt researchers publish a study in the journal mSystems from the American Society of Microbiology and has been selected as “editor’s pick”.

15 SEP

CeMiSt to host Professor Jennifer Martiny from University of California, Irvine

CeMiSt will be hosting Professor Jennifer Martiny from University of California, Irvine, from 2020 to 2021 at DTU Bioengineering. 

04 JUN

The microbiome of fish live-feed is altered by the presence of a secondary-metabolite...

In a recent study, PhD student Karen Dittmann studied the microbiomes of fish larvae and their feed organisms (copepods and algae)

28 MAY

CeMiSt receives 0.5 million DKK from the Novo Nordisk Foundation to organize an...

CeMiSt thanks the Novo Nordisk Foundation for  financial support for a CeMiSt conference in June 2021. This follows a very successful conference in 2019 supported...

Anna Dragos
14 MAY

A photo from a CeMiSt postdoc selected as one of 7 runner-ups in the DG photo...

In the framework of the annual photo competition organized by the Danish National research Foundation,  postdoc Anna Dragos has been selected among the seven runner...

Bacteria and microorganisms
27 APR

Bacillus secondary metabolites are dispensable for plant root colonization

Do microbial secondary metabolites affect the ability of microbes to colonize and establish in new environments?

17 APR

CeMiSt activity during COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 situation CeMiSt has been operating online. Virtual meetings have replaced our regular face-to-face meetings, we created an internal newsletter, several...

17 JAN

CeMiSt unveils 13 Bacillus genomes and its secondary metabolite diversity

A CeMiSt team sequences the complete genomes of 13 Bacillus species

20 DEC

CeMiSt receives a grant from Novo Nordisk Foundation

CeMiSt and its host institution, DTU Bioengineering, have received 13.73 million DKK from the Novo Nordisk Foundation. The grant will be used to invest in cutting-edge...

09 DEC

Laura V. Flórez invited talk by CeMiSt

On Friday 23rd of November CeMiSt hosted a lecture from Laura V. Flórez on the evolution of defensive symbiosis between plant-associated bacteria and a beetle...

31 OCT

CeMiSt retreat

CeMiSt held its yearly retreat in Comwell Hotels Holte

17 SEP

Photo exhibition

CeMiSt brings the photo exhibition 'World in a Drop' to DTU Bioengineering

09 SEP

CeMiSt and collaborators publish a review on Marine microbes as a source of natural...

The review underscores the importance of microbial secondary metabolites in natural ecosystems and understanding their functionality. It also highlights the need for the...

05 SEP

A rod-shaped bacterium found in Denmark produces important anti-fungal compounds

CeMiSt researchers looking for answers on the function of microbial secondary metabolites in natural microbial communities, found a bacterial strain with a lot of potential...

New staff in CeMiSt
04 SEP

New staff in CeMiSt

CeMiSt welcomes three new scientists to the center

03 SEP

Talk by Associate Professor Pia Moisander

On August 28th Associate Professor Pia Moisander gave a talk as an invited speaker of CeMiSt. She focused on the interaction between copepods (small marine arthropods)...

29 AUG

Soil sampling in Dyrehaven

Last week the CeMiSt ‘soil team’ visited our wonderful sampling sites in the deer park known as Dyrehaven; a natural area of boreal forest regulated by the...

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