Microbial Secondary Metabolites in Microbiomes 2019

The Center for Microbial Secondary Metabolites (CeMiSt) organizes a two-days conference where internationally recognized experts will address scientific themes and technologies important when CeMiSt is addressing a fundamental question: What is the natural role of microbial secondary metabolites?

Registration for the conference Microbial Secondary Metabolites in Microbiomes 2019 is now closed. The organization has sent emails with accepted abstracts for talks and poster presentations. Briefly, participants will receive a notification of payment. You can download the full programme (also shown below):

Practical information

When: 16th to 18th of June 2019

Where: Konventum, Gl. Hellebækvej 70, 3000 Helsingør (Denmark).

Cost: 800 DKK including two overnight stays and meals at the venue

How to get there: Direct train connection from Copenhagen airport to Helsingør. Taxi or bus 803 from Helsingør station to the Venue (Hellebo Park)


* Titles for each talk may be updated